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SHM Committees

Committees play an essential role in the operational structure of SHM, with input in everything from educational activities—including SHM’s annual meeting—to advocacy. By volunteering on a committee, you will be able to collaborate with colleagues from diverse professional backgrounds to shape and influence the resources and programs offered by SHM.

SHM relies on its committee members to ensure that the mission and goals of the Society are carried out efficiently and effectively. Prior to applying, please review the goals and charge of the committee that interests you (listed below) to ensure that you are prepared to be an active participant in the work of that group. In order to be considered for the committee, you must:

  • Be an active member of SHM
  • Be prepared to dedicate no less than 2 hours each month to the work of the committee; this includes participation in conference calls and projects.
  • Demonstrate a professional background or interest that can enhance the objectives of the committee

The application process for 2017 has closed. Thank you to everyone who applied. Appointments will be made in January 2017 and the term will run May 2017 to April 2018.

Committee Charges and Goals

Academic Committee

The charge of the Academic Committee is coordination and support of SHM efforts for academic hospitalists. This should include providing the educational and curricular resources for academic hospitalists as well as career development support. This committee will be involved with SHM relationships with key academic organizations external to SHM.

Academic Committee Goals

  • Support Specialty Education and Networking Programs Focused in Academic Hospital Medicine.
  • Develop the annual meeting Academic/Research track.
  • Research Support: Collaborate with and support Research Committee activities and objectives.
  • Support mentorship opportunities for Academic Hospitalists.

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Annual Meeting Committee

The charge of the Annual Meeting Committee is to develop the content for the SHM Annual Meeting and Pre-Courses; including topics, speakers and learning objectives.

Annual Meeting Committee Goals

  • SHM’s Annual Meeting/Hospital Medicine – Through expert speakers and educators from hospital medicine and other disciplines, provide an overview of broad healthcare issues that are translated into relevant topics and impact the quality of in-patient care.
  • Hospital Medicine Pre-Courses – Offer a menu of pre-courses that cover key Core Competency topics.
  • Committee Cross-Collaboration – Collaborate with other committees/constituent groups on track development.

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Chapter Support Committee

The charge of the Chapter Support Committee is to provide the Society's chapters with an effective foundation and platform for success, consistent with SHM's mission, vision, values, and goals.

Chapter Support Committee Goals

  • Develop ideas and opportunities for potential exhibitors other than pharmaceutical companies.
  • Outline how to increase attendance levels at chapter meetings using the “big tent” approach.
  • Grow resources for chapter leaders in the HMX community.

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Education Committee

The charge of the Education Committee is to provide recommendations on policies and actions that enhance education within hospital medicine in order to position SHM as the go to resource for hospital medicine education. The Education Committee is also charged with providing education that improves communication with individual patients in all aspects of practice and the public regarding health promotion.

Education Committee Goals

  • Provide ongoing and long-term support and process improvement to the SHM Annual Meeting related to curriculum, schedule, technological integration, speakers, etc.
  • Update HM Core Competencies.
  • Advise strategic efforts in the building of a yearly educational plan, including the building of Maintenance of Certification tools and the creation of a digital curriculum priority plan, as well as other educational vehicles as appropriate.
  • Provide Hospitalist perspective and resources to the Internal Medicine Re-design process (via SHM IMEAB representative).
  • Provide a statement to the board regarding best practices and guidelines for procedural and diagnostic use of ultrasound by hospitalists via the Ultrasound work group.

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Family Medicine Committee

The Charge of the Family Medicine Committee is to develop initiatives and programs to promote the practice of family practice hospital medicine and make recommendations of an SHM family practices agenda to the Membership Committee and SHM Board. The Committee will look for opportunities to encourage family practice hospitalists to become active SHM members.

Family Medicine Committee Goals

  • Increase Identification and representation of HTFM's.
  • Promote advancements of HTFM's.
  • Increased presence and awareness of HTFM contributions to the field of hospital medicine.
  • Impact on Future HTFM: resident training and involvement in hospital medicine.

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Hospital Quality and Patient Safety Committee

The charge of the Hospital Quality and Patient Safety Committee is to oversee the efforts of SHM within quality improvement, reduction in medical errors, and advances in patient safety. This Committee should explore opportunities to provide Hospitalists with the skills and the tools to become leaders in quality initiatives in Hospital Medicine.

Hospital Quality and Patient Safety Committee Goals

  • Develop a comprehensive strategy that equips hospitalists with the tools and strategies to advance a high value care agenda in the hospital. (Subcommittee 1)
  • Promoting High Value Care: Pursuing Antimicrobial Stewardship-Develop and implement a campaign that educates hospitalists on appropriate prescribing and use of antimicrobials to reduce adverse events including C.Diff and antimicrobial resistance. (Subcommittee 2)
  • The Impact of High Value Care on Reducing Diagnostic Errors - Build greater awareness among hospitalists about the prevalence of diagnostic errors and develop strategies for reducing diagnostic errors and enhancing patient safety. (Subcommittee 3)
  • Provide review of clinical guidelines, summary statements and other resources provided to SHM for endorsement or comment.
  • Develop the QI track for the Annual Meeting.

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Information Technology Committee

The charge of the IT Committee is to develop initiatives and programs to promote and develop best practices for hospitalists engaged in hospital and health IT related initiatives. The committee will make recommendations about SHM's health information technology agenda to the SHM Board.

Information Technology Committee Goals

  • Educate the SHM hospitalist community on relevant Health Information Technology (HIT) topics. 
  • Promote and recognize IT leadership and expertise by hospitalists through formal training and promoting ABIM certification in Medical Informatics. 
  • Increase participation within the HIT HMX Community.
  • Create an outline and supply resources for a comprehensive HIT Education toolkit.

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Membership Committee

The charge of the Membership Committee is to promote and advance the continuing growth and diversity of membership and to ensure that all members can share in the material and intellectual resources of SHM.

Membership Committee Goals

  • Conduct thorough FHM/SFHM program evaluation.
  • Continue evaluation of Retired and Emeritus membership categories.
  • Conduct Membership Survey

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Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant Committee

The Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant Committee's charge is to develop initiatives and programs to promote and define the role of nurse practitioners and physician assistants in Hospital Medicine. The Committee will make recommendations of an SHM NP/PA agenda to the SHM Board. The Committee will look for opportunities to encourage nurse practitioners and physician assistants to become active SHM members.

Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant Committee Goals

  • Complete work on NP/PA Integration Toolkit
  • Launch Regional Pipeline Event Series
  • Re-visit NP/PA Member Workforce Survey
  • Expand Member Engagement

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Patient Experience Committee

The charge of the Patient Experience Committee is to support hospitalists in efforts to: improve and/or develop a service - and patient-centered culture, co-design patient-centered processes and care practices with patients and patient groups, improve and demonstrate patient-centered service behaviors and communication skills, develop, implement, and assess the success of strategies to improve the patient experience and patient-centeredness of care.

Patient Experience Committee Goals

  • Develop messaging: establish the importance of hospitalists’ engagement with patient experience by making a statement to our membership and external organizations.
  • Develop practice tools: where applicable, revise SHM’s existing resources to incorporate goals, language and resources that support the membership and HMG leaders in improving provider communication and the patient experience. Ensure that these elements are incorporated into new and proposed activities wherever possible.
  • Outreach:  Engage providers, patients, care partners, patient advocacy groups and expert partners in dialogue that allows for ongoing input and feedback to aid the committee in its efforts to set appropriate patient experience goals and provide effective tools for caregivers.

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Pediatrics Committee

The Pediatrics Committee is charged with developing initiatives and programs to promote the practice of pediatric hospital medicine. The Committee will make recommendations of an SHM pediatrics agenda to the SHM Board. The Committee will look for opportunities to encourage pediatricians to become active SHM members.

Pediatrics Committee Goals

  • Incorporate current annual meeting content into a MOC part 2 module.
  • Complete a full assessment on MOC education through pediatric hospitalist members.
  • Formulate a collaborate relationship with PRIS
  • Increase pediatric hospitalist engagement in several key SHM areas of career advancement.
  • Work directly with the SHM HQPS Committee to identify possible collaborative projects for quality/evidence-based initiatives.
  • SHM Pediatrics Committee to begin the process of revising the PHM Core Competencies.

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Performance Measurement & Reporting Committee

The Charge of the Performance Measurement and Reporting Committee is to develop a coordinated approach for SHM to work with external organizations in the performance, standards and quality arena.

Performance Measurement & Reporting Committee Goals

  • Building and Fostering External Relationships - Monitor and develop relationships with external organizations that are active in performance, measurement and reporting.
  • Coordinate the Performance Measurement and Reporting Strategy of SHM - Develop the organizational approach to public reporting and performance assessment, including working to improve the measure inventory for hospitalists and representing SHM’s perspective in relevant federal rulemaking
  • Education for SHM General Membership - Develop and implement a plan to educate SHM members about performance reporting and pay for performance initiatives.
  • Collaboration with other SHM Committees

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Physicians in Training Committee

The charge of the Physicians in Training Committee is to ensure the successful transition of medical students and residents into the practice of hospital medicine. The committee also ensures that the practice requirements of hospital medicine are adequately addressed in residency training.

Physicians in Training Committee Goals

  • Online marketing/presence
  • Increase Engagement with Trainees
  • Influence Faculty through development of faculty programming.

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Practice Administrators Committee

The charge of the Practice Administrators committee is to develop initiatives and programs to promote and define the role of non-physician practice administrators in Hospital Medicine, to facilitate and enhance the integration of administrators into the Society, and to strengthen the ability of the Society to fulfill its mission by developing and using the talents of current and future administrative leaders.

Practice Administrators Committee Goals

  • Implement a second cohort of the Administrator Mentor Program
  • Have 5 Committee members actively use the Key Characteristics (KCs) of an Effective HMG
  • Promote and conduct 4 Roundtable Webinars
  • Develop a "Career Track Framework" for entry level Administrators of HMGs
  • Increase the number of SHM prospects and members that are Administrators

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Practice Analysis Committee

The Charge of the Practice Analysis Subcommittee is to provide data and analysis on the characteristics of hospitalists and hospital medicine practices, provide information on the value of the services provided by hospital medicine practices and provide data and information that can be used by hospital medicine practices to improve their efficiency and productivity. 

Practice Analysis Committee Goals

  • Committee to complete a product satisfaction survey on the State of Hospital Medicine Report
  • Create the State of Hospital Medicine Survey Instrument
  • Increase database for State of Hospital Medicine Survey Respondents
  • Publish the State of Hospital Medicine Report
  • Research different vehicles for online portion of State of Hospital Medicine Report
  • Publish Survey Insights columns in THE HOSPITALIST (after publication of the SOHM Survey report)

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Practice Management Committee

The Practice Management Committee will advise the Society regarding issues related to the business aspects of hospital medicine and the management of hospital medicine groups, and will oversee the development of member communication, education and resources related to practice operations.

Practice Management Committee Goals 

  • Recommend session topics and speakers for the PM Track at the annual meeting.
  • Support the July 1st launch and operation of the 1st year of the SHM Engagement Survey/Benchmarking Service.
  • Develop an SHM program on Cultural Competency

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Public Policy Committee

The charge of the Public Policy Committee is to make recommendations to the SHM Board regarding policy statements and positions. The committee will also recommend to the Board potential issues for study and review as well as processes for developing public policy.

Public Policy Committee Goals                     

  • Ongoing review of all SHM policy and position statements. Development of new positions/statements on an as needed basis.
  • Continue to advocate for legislation/policy change dealing with Observation status.
  • Establish a Hospital Medicine Medicare Specialty billing code.
  • Continue to provide comment as needed on CMS and other Federal Agency proposed rules.  This effort includes but is not limited to leading annual comment development on the Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) and working with the PMRC to comment on the Inpatient Prospective Payment System rule (IPPS).
  • Continue Advocacy for hospitalist exemption from Meaningful Use penalties.
  • Advocate for extension of currently expired Medicaid Parity provision. If extended, insure that hospitalists remain eligible.

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Research Committee

The charge of the Research Committee is to develop, promote, and make recommendations of an SHM research agenda. The Committee will make recommendations to the SHM Board to enhance SHM's efforts to encourage and promote research activities in hospital medicine. The Committee will look for opportunities to encourage SHM members to participate in research activities.

Research Committee Goals         

  • Elevate the Research profile within SHM and its core activities, especially the annual meeting.
  • Develop the annual meeting Academic/Research track.
  • Research Pipeline Support Initiative.
  • Develop a plan for assessing research priorities for SHM.

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