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Quality Improvement Tools

How to Use the Tools?

The HQPS Committee is compiling on an on-going basis a variety of quality improvement tools used by our membership to enhance patient safety and quality of inpatient care. The tools are a heterogenous group of documents and include order sets, guidelines, templates, and worksheets. They have been implemented in a variety of clinical settings and serve as a resource for individuals working within their own institutions to develop interventions that can improve inpatient care.

The resources listed have not been formally studied by the HQPS committee, nor has their content been validated for accuracy. Each submission is accompanied by a cover sheet that lists the following:

  1. Title
  2. Purpose
  3. Submitting author
  4. Institution
  5. E-mail contact information
  6. Tool Format -- paper-based or computer-based
  7. Tips on using the tool
  8. Important pitfalls

This information will help guide you through the tools to better identify those that may be best suited fro your specific hospital setting. In addition, we want to highlight that QI tools by themselves do not lead to improvement. Interventions must be embedded in care processes within a particular care setting, and that the development of any strategy to improve care must be a partnership between the specific intervention and the people and work processes affected.

With this brief background, we hope that you find the QI tools useful in your efforts to improve inpatient care.

How to submit a tool?

  1. Complete the QI tool submission cover sheet
  2. Attach your QI tool as a word document or PDF file
  3. Send both the completed cover sheet and QI tool electronically to

Table of Contents

Acute myocardial infarction


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease/Asthma

Community-Acquired Pneumonia

Discharge Planning

Geriatric Care

Glycemic Control

Heart Failure

Information Management & Patient Education

Multidisciplinary Admission History and Physical Assessment


Pre-operative evaluation and Perioperative management

Sickle Cell Pain Crisis

Skin and Wound Care

Team Communications

Urinary Infections

VTE prophylaxis

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