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Journal of Hospital Medicine

Read the Membership Registration Instructions for help logging into the Journal's website.  If you need additional help logging in contact the Wiley Membership Department via email at  For general information about the Journal of Hospital Medicine email or call 800-511-3989. 

View the Journal of Hospital Medicine.


Journal of Hospital Medicine 

CoverThe Society of Hospital Medicine is pleased to announce the 2006 launch of the Journal of Hospital Medicine, an official publication of the Society. With the publication of the Journal, the Society assumes a greater educational and leadership role by publishing landmark research that will define the practice of hospital medicine. As part of the Society’s effort to improve care and standards, all members of the Society of Hospital Medicine will receive a subscription to the Journal of Hospital Medicine.

Readers will find the Journal of Hospital Medicine to be the premier publication for disseminating peer-reviewed research articles and evidenced-based reviews in the field of hospital medicine. Featuring original research and review articles on a diverse range of topics, the Journal of Hospital Medicine will provide physicians and other healthcare professionals with material in basic and clinical science to support informed clinical decision-making. The Journal of Hospital Medicine fosters research and publishes in the following topics:

  • Translational research
  • Improving hospital care
  • Professional development
  • Leadership
  • Educating hospitalists
  • Clinical problem solving
  • Techniques and guidelines for performing research
  • Hospitalists’ reflections
  • Patient commentary


If you are interested in submitting your work to this groundbreaking journal, please visit JHM's web submission and review site for complete author instructions.

Advertising Information

If you would like to place a classified ad in The Journal of Hospital Medicine, please contact Robert Zwick at, or 212-904-0377. More detailed information can also be viewed below:

Additional Information

For general information about the Journal of Hospital Medicine email or call 800-511-3989. 

View the Journal of Hospital Medicine.

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