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Quality Improvement  
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Quality Improvement Resources

Any team that wants to effectively improve ACS patient care at its institution should understand the basics of effective implementation and improvement. Having an improvement framework sketched will dramatically enhance a team’s chances of realizing breakthrough improvement. At least 1 or 2 hospitalists in your group should become very familiar with the general framework for improvement and with proven quality improvement (QI) tools. Medical center resources — such as a patient safety officer, a QI leader, or a QI facilitator — may be available at your institution. You should identify these individuals and enroll them in your cause in the earliest stages.


1. Identify in-hospital QI resources.
2. Review the slide presentation on Quality Improvement Theory in the QI Basics section of the room.
3. Get more information on a few key tools at the Web sites listed the QI Basics>QI Web Resources section.

There are many tools for QI. Each tool has particular strengths for use at different points in the improvement process. A few are particularly important and are useful in almost every project. Process flow mapping is an important step in designing or redesigning a process to make it more efficient and reliable. Process flow mapping also lends itself to producing protocols and clinical algorithms and is essential to identifying where things can go wrong, either informally or more formally by failure modes effect analysis (FMEA). We also consider run charts as nearly essential because they help the team follow and communicate progress toward its goals. We recommend having a working familiarity with these tools, either by the in-house expert or by the hospitalists who are (or will become) your improvement team resources at the locations listed in the QI Web Resources section. Later sections of this resource room will guide you further on some of these key improvement tools.

Download the QI Resources Task Sheet





ACS Resource Room Project Team
This resource room is supported in part by an educational grant from the Bristol-Myers Squibb / Sanofi Pharmaceuticals Partnership.

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