Surgicalists and Acute Care Surgeons in Hospital Medicine

Several encouraging trends suggest that the future of general surgery is as strong as ever.

Two dominant models that emerged in the early 2000s are shaping the emergency surgical workforce nationally: the acute care surgeon and the surgical hospitalist.  Both were catalyzed by the shortage of surgeons to provide emergency call coverage, and integral to both is the dedicated on-site availability of a surgeon for either trauma or emergency general surgery.

An estimated 400 programs are now in place across the country, each representing a unique variation on the original themes.  This page is a place to exchange ideas, network, share data and articles and better define the size, growth and future of the surgical hospitalist and acute care surgery movements.

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Watch this brief video of Larry Wellikson, MD, SFHM, CEO of the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) discuss five things surgicalists and acute care surgeons can do with SHM.

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Additional Resources and Articles for Surgicalists and Acute Care Surgeons

General Hospital-Focused Practice Articles

Specialty Hospitalists Analyzing an Emerging Phenomenon
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Hospital-Focused Physician Creating the Hospital of the Future:
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Hospitalist-Focused Practice
As specialists adopt HM model, need for new terminology, cooperation grows. Nelson, J.  The Hospitalist, September 2011.

Hospitalist Dermatology
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Will acute care surgery and surgicalists help to avert an emergency care crisis?
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Website Resources and Presentations

University of California, San Francisco, Division of General Surgery
Surgical Hospitalist Program Articles and Links (remove this hyper link but keep text)

Hospitalists and the Expansion of Acute Care Services
John Nelson, MD, MHM, Co-founder and Past President, Society of Hospital Medicine, Medical Director, Hospitalist Practice, Overlake Hospital, Bellevue, Washington, Principal, Nelson Flores Hospital Medicine Consultants

Events for Surgicalists and Acute Care Surgeons

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