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Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM)'s Relationship with Industry

The Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) has a long standing transparent approach to its relationship with industry partners. Included in this web area are the SHM principles for Organizational Relationships, which have been SHM policy since 2000. For additional background on SHM's growth as a model for other medical societies, please read To Err Is Human from the October 2010 edition of The Hospitalist by SHM's President at the time, Jeff Wiese, MD, SFHM.

In addition to these principals, SHM is also publishing the SHM Conflict of Interest (COI) policy and the specific potential COI detail for all officers, Board members, and editors. This web page also includes:

  • SHM Approach to Communications Regarding Products, Services, or Disease States
  • SHM Approach to Quality Initiatives: Guidelines and Principles for Working with Funders
  • SHM Approach to Industry for Meetings and Faculty

SHM is also including in this web page a disclosure of current industry support of SHM projects.

SHM is proud to be in full compliance with the Council on Medical Specialties (CMSS) Code for Interaction with Companies which can be found on the Council on Medical Specialty Societies (CMSS) web site or by clicking here. SHM conducts an annual training/educational session for all staff on the Code as well.

For any other inquiries about SHM's Relationship with Industry, please contact Kristin Scott, Director, Business Development, at