The Society of Hospital Medicine’s CME Mission Statement

The Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) is committed to providing education resources that promote clinical and systems-based competence, professional growth, and exceptional care for hospitalized patients.

Purpose and Goal
The purpose of SHM’s education program is to provide high-quality, evidence-based educational opportunities that enhance practice performance, in support of the organizational mission to improve patient care for hospitalized patients.

Target Audience

  • Hospitalists trained in internal or family medicine
  • Pediatric Hospitalists
  • Specialty Hospitalists
  • Hospital-based clinicians such as Physicians Assistants, Nurse Practitioners
  • Practice Administrators
  • Hospital-based Teams of Care

Content Areas
SHM provides both live and online learning opportunities based on the Hospital Medicine Core Competencies, and specifically those identified in regular needs assessment as gaps in training. Content areas include clinical practice, procedures, health systems, and practice management topics.

Types of Activities
Activities formats vary depending on audience need and curricular appropriateness. Formats may include the following:

  • PI-CME/performance improvement activities
  • Enduring Online CME
  • Live Meetings
  • Scientific publications

Expected Results
SHM assesses need for all CME activities using prior year evaluations, independent expert panels, regular needs assessment surveys, and the Hospital Medicine Core Competencies. SHM evaluates each CME activity based on participation rates, achievement of educational objectives, participant satisfaction, participant statement of knowledge enhancement, intention to improve patient care, and, where applicable, performance improvement.

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