1. How much does the Mobile App Version of the Report cost?
The 2016 State of Hospital Medicine (SoHM) Report electronic version costs:
  • $250.00 for members
  • $540.00 for non-members
  • If you have previously purchased the 2014 SoHM Report you will have access to the 2014 from the app as well. If you haven’t and you would like access to both you can order both at SHM’s website.

    2. What devices is the app compatible with?

    The app is compatible with Desktop or Mobile using Android, iPhone (5s or newer), iPad devices.   With the latest version of Safari, FireFox, Chrome, IE 11 or newer.

    3. How do I purchase the app?

    From sohm.hospitalmedicine.org page, click on the highlighted green “Buy” box for the year you wish to purchase. By clicking on that box you will be directed to SHM’s store page to purchase. 2016 Store page or the 2014 Store page

    Walk through the purchasing steps by adding to your cart and then once you have completed your purchase, please click the following link and then login on the top right: sohm.hospitalmedicine.org
    Upon login the purchased version will be highlighted in orange.

    4. What are the steps to login to the app?

    You will need to have your SHM username and password in order to access the app and will login from hospitalmedicine.org (upper right corner login button).

    Don’t remember your username and password please click the “forgot my username or password” link under the login box and you will be emailed the information.
    Note: If you login to the app before purchasing you will just need to follow the information from step 3 above to purchase.

    5. What are the ways I can search the app?

    1. Basic Search – Type the query you are looking for within the search box and click the green magnifying glass button. (Note: If you click enter it will not perform the search). Your results will populate in the box below and up to 10 items will display. You will be able to see the version of the Report (if you have access to previous Reports you can search across all versions by using the basic search), the section, subsection and page number of the Report. By clicking on the result you will open the page and can click the “next” or “previous” buttons to populate the next or previous pages.

    Once in the search query, you will see icons at the top of the screen. There is a home icon to go back to the home page, magnifying glass to populate another search, a download icon to allow you to save that page to your device and a + and – sign to enlarge or minimize the page size and a left arrow to return to your search results.Note: For IOS devices you would need to save PDF by using a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or i-Book.

    2. Advanced Search – This search feature allows you to select specific sections you want to pull your query from. Example: I type in “Schedules” to the search box but I just want HMGs serving children only so I would highlight just section four and click the search button. You can highlight more than one section to search.

    6. Who do I contact if I have trouble with the app?

    Please email ithelpdesk@hospitalmedicine.org with any questions you may have or call toll free at 800-843-3360.