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The Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) Practice Administrators' Committee piloted the first Mentor/Mentee Program in January 2014 as a way to assist those who were new to practice administration and/or to hospital medicine. SHM continued with the program and has just completed its third cohort. Enrollment for 2018 will begin in early 2018.

Program History
The Committee first learned of the interest among practice administrators for a Practice Administrator Mentor Program by monitoring communications within the Hospital Medicine Exchange (HMX) online community. The pilot program was developed in response to this significant interest. Committee members all volunteered to be mentors to the new mentees in the program’s first year.

The intention is to provide a structured opportunity for hospitalist administrators seeking to strengthen their knowledge and skills. The Program consists of two models:

  • Model 1: Mentors/Mentees - Less experienced administrators will be paired with seasoned professionals to gain more experience and/or exposure.
  • Model 2: Buddy System - Administrators at any level of expertise or experience will be paired with a peer so that they can learn from one another.


SHM's Mentor Mentee Program Guide

Frequently asked questions to help you better understand the program.


SHM Practice Administrators Mentor Orientation Webinar
Download presentation slides


SHM Practice Administrators Mentee Orientation Webinar
Download presentation slides

SHM would like to recognize the mentors and mentees that have participated in the three cohorts to date. Thank you for your time and commitment to participate in the program.

Mentor Participants

Kim Dickinson
Alessandra Cornelio
David Susskind
Roberta Himebaugh
Tiffani Panek
Lisa Courtney
Amanda Trask
Stephen Keiser

Mentee Participants

Nakiya Davis
Melissa Blackstone
Christine Quilling
Amanda howe
Erin Snow
Karla Pambogo
Jodi Aniszko
Christine Walden

Mentor Participants

Tiffani Panek
Stephen Keiser
Glenn Appelbaum
Roberta Himebaugh
Allessandra Cornelio
Lisa Courtney
Amanda Trask
Deborah Hinton
Joseph Davis
Heather Fordyce
Vicki-Lynne Gloger
Umesh Sharma

Mentee Participants

Patrick Curley
Holly Hammound
Elda Dede
Michelle Falcone
Jermey Liu
Rodney Hollis
Andrea Pletcher
Nicoli Griffith
Masha Omodele
Aleja Dalacious
Paul Borgfeld
Julie Wietzke
Lisa Beachler
Susan Barone

Mentor Participants

Erin Yarbrough
Tiffani Panek
Vicki-lynne Gloger
Shawn Balusek
Heather Fordyce

Mentee Participants

Anne Axon
Natalie MacDonald
Anne Paone Gallagher
Loryn Carney
Brenda Sebek
Arthur Johnson
Brian Cherry


From Mentees of the 2016 Program:

The SHM Mentor program has been a great experience. My mentor has provided outstanding advice on how to manage my practice and co-exist with my Physicians. The feedback has encouraged me to better myself. I would highly recommend the experience.