Patient Experience: it's "Everything We Say and Do"

"Everything we say and do that affects our patients' thoughts, feelings and well-being" is the patient experience, and hospitalists—the "we" in the definition created by SHM's Patient Experience Committee—are the link between optimal experiences and successful clinical outcomes.

Regularly demonstrating empathy, concern, caring, and thoroughness, behaviors that patients characterize as ideal physician behaviors, can be challenging in the typical, highly-charged hospital environment. But with mindfulness and motivation, hospitalists can take the lead in integrating these skills into their daily practice, while encouraging colleagues to do the same.

In collaboration with hospitalists and patients through its Patient and Family Advisory Council, SHM develops resources that support hospital teams in building patient-centered cultures, characteristic of the most successful hospital medicine groups.

For more information on SHM’s Patient Experience program, contact Claudia Stahl, Manager, Academic and Patient-Centered Initiatives,