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View the recorded BOOST Informational Webinar - February 12, 2014

Current BOOST® Sites Demographic

View the Current BOOST® Sites Demographic
Project BOOST - Better Outcomes by Optimizing Safe Transitions

Project BOOST C-Suite Packet:

Implementing a successful Project BOOST® mentoring program requires support from your senior leadership. To obtain support, you will need to clearly explain how your efforts may enhance quality and safety, improve processes and patient satisfaction and impact the hospital’s bottom line. A direct communication line to a senior administrative officer, either by a direct reporting structure or by involving a senior administrator on the team, should be in place before taking any next steps in the process.

SHM has developed a downloadable packet that makes this conversation easier for you. Below are the resources to share when building your case to enroll in BOOST®:

  • Fact Sheet
    BOOST® Fact sheet is a one page summary of objectives and background of the program.

  • Informational Flyer
    The flyer highlights the high level key components of the mentoring program including the on-site training, coaching, toolkit and educational webinars offered through the collaborative.

  • PowerPoint Slides
    This slide set was presented on the informational webinar and provides a more detailed description of the importance of reducing readmissions, detailed components included in the intervention, sample of tools/resources, life cycle and timeline of implementation.

  • Informational Video Recording
    Recorded webinar of above presentation slides by a BOOST® faculty expert presenting the information.

  • List of BOOST Sites and Site Map
    View a full listing of hospitals across the country and Canada who have implemented the program.  States are also highlighted that were part of regional collaboratives with multiple hospitals in a state participating in the program together.

  • Sample Letter of Support
    This is an example of a letter of support that should be submitted with the application. Utilizing the above resources will help your senior administrator understand the program, requirements and resources needed to support the intervention.

  • BOOST® ROI Calculator
    This calculator will help you understand the financial impact of reducing readmissions through implementing BOOST®. Enter information specific to your hospital in the cells to compute the financial impact.

Visit the Apply Now for additional information on applying to the program.