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COVID-19 Blogs and Publications

From the Journal of Hospital Medicine

Improving Patient Experience During the COVID-19 Pandemic: One Family's Reflections

November 18, 2020

On March 11, 2020, the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.1 On March 13, 2020, a national emergency was declared in the United States concerning the COVID-19 outbreak.2 Later that week, Mike Kueper, a 52-year-old previously healthy man and resident of the Indianapolis metropolitan area, became sick with what he would eventually learn was COVID-19. Prior to contracting the novel coronavirus, he had never had as much as an Emergency Department (ED) visit. He had never spent a night in a hospital. He and his sister, DeAnn Harvey, describe the events that followed:

As a 20-year veteran clinical child psychologist and mother of two teenagers, my first reaction to the governor’s call for state-wide lockdowns was that they sounded like an opportunity for time at home with my husband and children. I thought we would play games, watch movies, try new recipes, and get a much-needed reprieve from our hectic lives of sports schedules, homework, and social outings. Even a slowdown in my practice sounded good. Maybe I could finally finish those continuing education credits that were due for my upcoming license renewal. My greatest concerns about sheltering in place were about how I was going to structure my children’s online learning while at the same time getting into my office to manage my patients via telehealth. Unfortunately, this relaxed feeling was short-lived.

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Courtesy NIAID-RML
Courtesy NIAID-RML

COVID-19 Redefines Curriculum for Hospitalists-in-Training

December 3, 2020

While working in health care has never been easy, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought on an entirely new dimension to the challenges that clinicians face.

Three Pillars of Successful Coronavirus Vaccine Program in Minorities

December 2, 2020

As COVID-19 cases soared to new daily highs across the United States, November 2020 brought some exciting and promising vaccine efficacy results.

How Much Longer?

November 30, 2020

Like the rest of the planet, the spring of 2020 hit SHM with a shock. Hospital Medicine 2020 (HM20) in San Diego was shaping up to be the largest Annual Conference SHM ever had, the Pediatric Hospital Medicine 2020 (PHM20) conference was well planned and expected to be a huge success, regional SHM chapters were meeting (and growing), and membership was thriving. I was transitioning out of my roles at Johns Hopkins and looking forward to my new role as CEO of SHM. All in all, March 2020 began with a fantastic outlook.

Wow, what a difference a few weeks made.

The Pandemic Experience Through the Eyes of APPs

November 20, 2020

Throughout the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, advanced practice providers (APPs) – physician assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs) – have become an integral component of the hospitalist response.

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COVID-19: Can the Chaos Be Controlled?

By Jordan Messler | April 24, 2020

The choices for conversations are either COVID or Netflix. Coronavirus or the latest binged show. Sports is no longer an option, unless you want to discuss how I made that putt in the homemade mini golf course. What’s for dinner or what’s the latest graph? We are all meteorologists during hurricane season and now epidemiologists amidst this crisis.

We try to find meaning in the chaos, interpret the findings, and place order in the world.

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