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Transforming Hospital Medicine for 25 Years

You're a hospitalist. We're your advocate.

Celebrating 25 Years  

SHM invites you to join our celebration of 25 years in advancing the career of hospitalists through education, research, and collaboration. Learn how SHM can advance your career. While it is important to remember where we began, SHM is focused on the future of our specialty and the healthcare industry. High-quality and high-value patient care is at the core of who we are as hospitalists. 

Message from CEO and Board President

So Much Can Happen in 25 Years 

Just one year after the term “hospitalist” was coined by Drs. Bob Wachter and Lee Goldman, Drs. John R. Nelson and Winthrop F. Whitcomb founded the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) in 1997. This year, we proudly celebrate our 25th anniversary, an incredible milestone for our specialty.

Throughout the last 25 years, hospital medicine has brought immeasurable “value” to our industry and the patients we treat. Together, we influence the value equation, value = quality/cost, by enhancing quality, supporting better coordination of care, and minimizing practices that do not add value. Read full letter. 

Voices of Members


icons8-chat-100.png I credit SHM for giving me the imagination and the vision to expand my job in a lot of different ways that I would never been able to imagine otherwise.  

Mary Fredrickson, MD

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icons8-chat-100.png As SHM celebrates its 25th anniversary I wish this will continue while we further evolve as hospitalists together. 

Sandeep Pagali, MD, FHM

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icons8-chat-100.png I see SHM in the next 25 years continuing to grow as the specialty of hospital medicine grows as well as keeping abreast of all the changes we are going to face like hospital at home in continuing pressures on the specialty to deliver high-value care. 

Steve Phillipson, MD, FHM

Anniversary Spotlights

SHM celebrates 25th anniversary as the home for hospital medicine
Published: January 7, 2022

A little more than a quarter-century ago the emergence of the new medical specialty of hospital medicine was signaled in a New England Journal of Medicine article that defined it by the location for its practice: within the acute hospital. View full article in The Hospitalist





At SHM, our members are our mission.

From education to professional development, SHM is laser-focused on providing hospital medicine-specific opportunities, including networking, advocacy and leadership development to take your career to the next level.  Above all, joining SHM will empower you to make a positive impact on patients and the entire hospital medicine community.