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State of Hospital Medicine Survey

The State of Hospital Medicine (SoHM) Survey takes a snapshot of what is happening in hospital medicine groups around the country. The results provide critical information for groups to make informed decisions about practice structure, scheduling, compensation plans and more in the biennial State of Hospital Medicine Report. 

Participate in the Survey

Your data is critical to helping the entire field of hospital medicine. SHM's Practice Analysis Committee has redesigned the 2020 Survey to eliminate some out-of-date or little-used questions and to add a few new, more relevant questions. 

There is a new survey platform that should help improve your experience of submitting data. Multisite groups now have two options for submitting data - a more user-friendly Excel tool or a new pathway to submit data in the reporting platform by replicating responses. 

Also new for the 2020 Survey, topics will include: 

  • Expanded information on NP/PA roles
  • Diversity in hospital medicine physician leadership
  • Specific questions for HMGs serving children that will better capture unique attributes of these hospital medicine practices

Benefits to completing the Survey:

  • Ensure your group's data is represented
  • Help make the 2020 State of Hospital Medicine (SoHM) Report the most comprehensive and accurate snapshot of hospital medicine nationwide
  • Receive complimentary access to the electronic version of the 2020 SoHM Report
  • Obtain discounts on print copies and/or additional electronic access of the Report 

The Survey is now closed. 

 Interested in being notified when the 2020 State of Hospital Medicine Report is available?

Complete a brief form to receive a notification when the 2020 SoHM Report becomes available late summer 2020. 

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Hear from SHM members the significance of the data from the State of Hospital Medicine:

 "We participate during every iteration of the State of Hospital Medicine Survey." - Brian Schroeder, MHA, FACHE, FHM  View video.

 "It is invaluable having the data from the State of Hospital Medicine Report." - Charles Lehman, MD, FHM  View video.

 "The State of Hospital Medicine Report lets you, as a hospitalist, educate your administrative partners on how different this is than one line of data for all physicians across the country." - Mark Chen, MD, SFHM  View video.

 View full video.

Resources & FAQs

What will be on the Survey?

The Survey is comprised of different sections aimed to better understand your hospital medicine group. The best way to prepare for the survey is to utilize the SoHM Survey Checklist.

Download Preparation Checklist

Who Should Participate? 

Only one person from your group is needed to participate in the Survey. This respondent should be the person best suited to answer group-level questions about the characteristics, structure and features of your HMG and its staff. There should only be one response submitted per group; however, multisite groups may submit data on behalf of each of their sites.

Should I submit as a single site or as a multisite group?

  • Single site: a single, unified group of hospitalists that may work in one or several hospitals.
  • Multisite: an organization or group that operates separate and distinct practices in multiple different hospitals/locations. These practices generally have separate staff, may have divergent practice policies and procedures and typically have distinct budgets/finances.

Multisite Instructions: Submitting as a multisite has never been easier with our new Multisite Retake function, allowing you to repopulate additional surveys with data from your first submission. Follow the instructions at the end of the online Survey to submit for multiple sites. See the Multisite Reporting Guide for more information or view the tutorial video that walks you through the multisite submission process. 

Read Multisite Guide Watch Multisite Video Tutorial

How long is the Survey?

The online survey uses skip logic to ensure you only get questions that apply to your practice. No questions are required, so if you see any you cannot answer, move on to the next question.

If you are reporting on behalf of your HMG, having key information at your fingertips will greatly reduce your time.

Where can I go if I have more questions?

Please visit our list of frequently asked questions. Any additional questions can be submitted directly to

Download FAQs

By participating you are helping to ensure hospital medicine's place as perhaps the crucial specialty for U.S. healthcare in the coming decade.

We participate every time the survey is available. We find it extremely helpful when we are looking at the recruiting and retention of hospitalists, looking at the compensation is and knowing what is happening out there in the industry.

Roberta P. Himebaugh, MBA, SFHM

I've found the exercise of pulling together all of the data that is required for the State of Hospital Medicine Survey to be extremely valuable for getting to know my group at a deeper level.

Tex Landis, MD, SFHM