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State of Hospital Medicine Survey

About the Survey

The State of Hospital Medicine Report (SoHM) is a biennial report published by the Society of Hospital Medicine. This report is a comprehensive snapshot of the most-current hospital medicine industry.

The data that powers the SoHM Report is collected on a rotating cycle from both Hospital Medicine Groups (HMGs) and individual professionals in the industry. This survey collection has become what is know as the State of Hospital Medicine Survey.

Participate in the Survey

Both groups and individuals are encouraged to participate in the survey. If your HMG is interested in participating, it is best to nominate one person to complete the survey online. If you are interested in participating on your own behalf, you can also complete the survey online.

Pre-register to participate.

Common FAQs

How long is the Survey?

The survey is conducted online and can be completed at the leisure of the respondent. If you are reporting on behalf of your HMG, having key information at your fingertips will greatly reduce your time.

When does the Survey open?

The Survey will be opened on January 6, 2020. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the form below and you will be notified.

Is there compensation for participating?

Paricipants will not only receive complimentary access to the SoHM Report (over $625 value), but also exclusive early-access - making them the first people to get the latest insights into the industry for 2020-21.