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Resources for Hospitalists on COVID-19.


Medscape’s 2020 National Physician Burnout & Suicide Report estimated that 42% of physicians experience burnout. While a decline from the 46% who reported being burned out in 2015, internal medicine remains among the specialties with the highest rates of burnout. 

Focusing on wellbeing is essential to maintaining a sustainable hospital medicine group and creating a supportive and resilient team. SHM encourages groups to take a holistic approach to wellbeing, offering resources designed for hospital leaders who seek to build a culture that fosters a collaborative environment, promotes wellbeing, and ultimately engages hospitalists as valuable members of the team.

Hospital Medicine COVID Check-in Guide for Self & Peers

Many hospitalists are struggling right now to varying degrees and often for different reasons. This check-in guide is meant to assist all hospitalists with both self-reflection and tools to support one another through the pandemic.
– Sarah Richards, MD (Chair, Wellbeing Taskforce)

This printable poster is a tool for hospitalists to have open and honest conversations that break the culture of silence around wellbeing, burnout, and mental health. It provides prompts to begin conversations and enables groups to share local resources their teams can use to seek help.

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7 Drivers of Burnout

SHM’s Practice Management Committee identified 7 drivers of burnout that are specific to hospital medicine. Use these drivers and discussion questions to evaluate your practice, initiate conversation within your group, and make progressive changes to address structural issues that lead to burnout.

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Burnout Intervention Tools

Burnout Intervention Tools

AMA STEPS Forward™

Developed by SHM in collaboration with the American Medical Association (AMA) and American College of Physicians (ACP), the STEPS Forward™ Initiative walks participants through a 5-step process that describes strategies to increase hospitalists’ sense of autonomy and well-being and identifies opportunities for them to develop mastery and a sense of purpose.

American Hospital Association (AHA) Well-Being Playbook

This playbook contains the American Hospital Association’s (AHA) seven steps health system leaders can use to promote wellbeing in their hospitals. This resource takes a top-down approach to combat burnout and uses real-life examples of successful interventions as case studies hospital leaders can adapt to their own practices. Playbook content is also available via regularly scheduled webinars.