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SHM's State of Hospital Medicine Report

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About the Report

The State of Hospital Medicine Report is an indispensable tool that allows hospitalist teams to gain an understanding of current industry standards through data collected from individuals and groups across the nation. Hospital medicine group (HMG) leaders, hospitalist employers, frontline hospitalists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and practice administrators alike find the SoHM Report to be invaluable when evaluating their practice.

The biennial Report includes current data on HMG configuration and operation and provides the latest figures on practice demographics, staffing levels, turnover, staff growth, compensation models and financial support for solid, evidence-based management decisions.

It is available for purchase in digital, print or a bundle of both.

About the Survey

The Report is derived from a survey that SHM distributes to HMGs every other year. Participation from groups across the nation is crucial to the Report’s relevance and success.

SHM’s Practice Analysis Committee discusses and reviews the topics and fine tunes the questions for each cycle, then releases the survey to the hospital medicine community. Once the results are in, the committee and SHM staff analyze the results and produce the Report.

Participate in the Survey

Both groups and individuals are encouraged to participate in the Survey. If your HMG is interested in participating, it is best to nominate one person to complete the survey online. If you are interested in participating on your own behalf, you can also complete the survey online.

SoHM is in the News

As a renowned resource in the healthcare industry, the State of Hospital Medicine Report is sure to surface in your search results for key hospital medicine trends and guidance on HMG management decisions. Many articles highlight key findings and demonstrate how the Report has helped various groups and institutions with issues they are facing.  

As featured in...

From press releases to The Hospital Leader blog to The Hospitalist newsmagazine, you will find highlights discussing data speaking to current trends in hospital medicine, ranging from unfilled positions to compensation and everything in between. The SoHM Report is also featured in articles demonstrating how the Report has helped various groups and institutions with issues they are facing. 




What's New?

The topics included in the Report are more all-encompassing than ever before. In addition to traditional questions regarding scope of services, staffing and scheduling models, leadership configuration, and financial support, this year’s Report includes new information on:

    • Hospitalist co-management roles with surgical and medical subspecialties 
    • Information about unfilled positions and how they are covered (including locum tenens use)
    • Utilization of dedicated daytime admitters
    • Prevalence of geographic or unit-based assignment models
    • Responsibility for CPT code selection
    • Amount of financial support per wRVU

The 2018 Report re-introduces the topic of employment models, which was omitted in the previous iteration due to lack of diversity from those surveyed. 

With a new design for 2018, the Report still retains its easy-to-read layout and user-friendly digital interface.

Preview the 2018  SoHM  Report

Recent Key Findings

75% (2018) vs. 70% (2016)

The proportion of total hospital patients served by hospitalists increased by 5 percent between 2016 and 2018.

Median of 12% of hospitalists jobs unfilled.

Two-thirds of HMGs reported open positions during the year, with a median of 12 percent of their hospitalist jobs unfilled. For a typical HMG with 15 FTEs, that translates to constantly working short or using PRN/locums/extra shifts to cover 2 physicians.

25% (2018) vs. 13% (2016)

The proportion of groups performing some work in post-acute care settings rose by 12 percent since 2016.

How data can impact you. 


The State of Hospital Medicine Report defines industry standards and continues to be the most comprehensive resource on hospital medicine group configuration and operation. Whether you are a practice administrator, physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, academic, HMG leader, hospitalist management company or a hospital/medical group executive, this resource will help you understand regional and national trends to improve your practice. 

Use the data in the Report as a set of external benchmarks to understand how your unique practice's characteristics may explain variances from the values presented in the Report. It serves as a continuous process of measuring and comparing practice performance internally over time and externally to other organizations' experiences. 




  • Who can use the SoHM Report?

  • Frontline Hospitalists
    Compare your own situation (e.g. compensation, benefits, productivity) with those of your peers, by geographic region, employment model, HMG size and other categories. 

  • Nurse Practicitioners and Physician Assistants
    Understand the robust presence of NPs and PAs in hospital medicine, how your work is being billed as well as general compensation and productivity benchmarks. 

  • Hospitalist Management Companies 
    2018 saw record participation by management companies in the SoHM survey, and as much as 25% of the respondent pool is comprised of HMGs employed by management companies. Use the Report to benchmark your own company’s HMG operations against those of your peers.

  • Group or Hospital Leaders
    Understand evolving trends in hospital medicine and obtain benchmarks against which leaders can assess your group’s structure and operations.

  • Practice Administrators
    Learn how other HMGs are structured to assess how your group compares and identify opportunities for operational performance improvement.


SHM offers a variety of formats, so you can access the State of Hospital Medicine Report however you'd like.

The 2018 Report is available for purchase.

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2016 State of Hospital Medicine Report

The 2016 Report is still availble for purchase.

2016 Print & Electronic | Price: $740.00 | *SHM Member Price: $450.00

2016 Print Only | Price: $590.00 | *SHM Member Price: $300.00

2016 Electronic Only | Price: $540.00 | *SHM Member Price: $250.00


Print Access

If you purchase the print only or the bundle version of the 2018 SoHM Report, you will receive your print copy within 7-10 business days of ordering. 

Digital Access

If you purchased the 2018 digital or bundle verson of the SoHM Report, you have immediate access to the Report. You can log in to view electronically at:

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We participate every time the survey is available. We find it extremely helpful when we are looking at the recruiting and retention of hospitalists, looking at the compensation is and knowing what is happening out there in the industry.

Roberta P. Himebaugh, MBA, SFHM

The State of Hospital Medicine Report is the must have resource for any practice leader, scheduler, job seeker, or hospital executive. Our multi-site practice depends on the report’s rich data and broad scope to shed light on key decisions on a weekly basis.

Andrew White, MD, SFHM

As someone who helps direct at the division of hospital medicine, the Report is incredibly important to me and our group to reflect on things we are doing well and compare ourselves to other organizations nationally.

Bradley Sharpe, MD, FACP, SFHM