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COVID-19 Aid for India

SHM's Response to the COVID-19 Surge in India

The COVID-19 pandemic, a global health crisis is one of the most significant events we have encountered in our time. So many of you have been on the frontlines of the pandemic in the United States managing the day-to-day realities of treating patients who have contracted a novel virus. You have been there during their greatest time of need and remain there today. Even as we continue to manage through the current reality of the pandemic at home, we cannot help but empathize with the people of India as they face the crushing surge of over 300,000 new daily infections. India has most recently been described as the epicenter of the global pandemic and a focal point of international concern. The resource constraints are significant and there is a considerable need for oxygen concentrators, ventilators and personal protective equipment (PPE) among other resources.

How You Can Help

If you are interested in helping the people of India during this catastrophic second wave, we encourage you to visit the sites below to review opportunities to assist those in need.

American India Foundation
AIF Covid 19 Response