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SHM's State of Hospital Medicine Report

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Ensure you get your hands on the most up-to-date data on staffing, compensation, burnout, well-being, and more.


The State of Hospital Medicine (SoHM) Report defines industry standards and is the most comprehensive resource on hospital medicine group configuration and operation. The report includes the most recent data on practice demographics, staffing levels, turnover, staff growth, compensation models and financial support for solid evidence-based management decisions from across the country.

Whether you are a practice administrator, physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, academic, HMG leader, hospitalist management company or a hospital/medical group executive, this Report contains regional and national trends in hospital medicine to help make decisions and improve groups.

The Report is available for purchase in electronic, print, or a bundle of both formats. If you have already purchased the electronic Report, you can access it here with your SHM credentials.

About the Survey

The State of Hospital Medicine Report combines data collected SHM’s State of Hospital Medicine and inaugural Hospital Medicine Workforce Experience Surveys and data from the Medical Group Management Association’s Physician Compensation and Production Survey. Participation from groups across the nation is crucial to the Report’s relevance and success, and as such SHM continually seeks to improve the diversity and scope of participants with each iteration.

View the survey instruments from the 2023 State of Hospital Medicine Survey and the inaugural Hospital Medicine Workforce Experience Survey.


  • Who can use the SoHM Report?

  • Frontline Hospitalists
    Compare your own situation (e.g. compensation, benefits, productivity) with those of your peers, by geographic region, employment model, HMG size, and other categories. 

  • Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Physician Assistants (PAs)
    Understand the robust presence of NPs and PAs in hospital medicine, how your work is being billed as well as general compensation and productivity benchmarks. 

  • Group or Hospital Leaders
    Compare your group's operations, structure, and management plans against those of your peers, by geographic region, employment model, group size, and other categories. 

  • Practice Administrators
    Learn how other HMGs are structured to assess how your group compares and identify opportunities for operational performance improvement.

  • Hospitalist Management Companies 

    Use the Report to benchmark your company's HMG operations against peer companies and groups with other employment models. Apply benchmarks within your company to adapt to differences in region, group size, and teaching status.

What's New?

The topics included in the 2023 SoHM Report are more wide-ranging than ever before. In addition to traditional questions regarding the scope of services, staffing and scheduling models, leadership configuration, and financial support, this year’s Report includes brand-new questions on well-being and burnout, back up and jeopardy systems, and staffing changes and flexibility post-COVID.

The Report also includes data from the inaugural Workforce Experience Survey which asked front-line hospitalists about their experience with schedules, workload and burnout and well-ness.

Finally, SHM has updated the online platform and the electronic Report is easier to use than ever before. Users can quickly navigate between sections to find the data they need.

Key Findings

Among the findings in the 2023 State of Hospital Medicine Report

  • Groups continue to grow both in adult and pediatric groups, and 59% of groups anticipate a growth in FTE in the coming year.
  • 42.3% of groups use telehealth in some capacity, such as providing coverage for patients in hospital at home.
  • 59% of groups report implementing increased scheduling flexibility in the last year.
  • The presence of NPs/PAs has risen in groups serving pediatric groups.


SHM offers a variety of formats, so you can access the 2023 State of Hospital Medicine Report however you would like. 

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Access the Electronic SoHM Report

The electronic SoHM Report can be accessed here with your SHM credentials. If you are interested in gaining access to previous versions of the Report, please contact

Note: The electronic version of the Report is available within 15 minutes of purchasing. If you experience any issues accessing, please follow these steps:

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I use the SoHM Report for everything from looking at productivity, compensation, and scope of practice to operational structure for other practices. I love how it provides information on where we could be as a group or highlights areas to focus on as leaders.

Romil Chadha, MD, MPH, SFHM

The State of Hospital Medicine Report is the must have resource for any practice leader, scheduler, job seeker, or hospital executive. Our multi-site practice depends on the report’s rich data and broad scope to shed light on key decisions on a weekly basis.

Andrew White, MD, SFHM

As someone who helps direct at the division of hospital medicine, the Report is incredibly important to me and our group to reflect on things we are doing well and compare ourselves to other organizations nationally.

Bradley Sharpe, MD, FACP, SFHM