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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Practice Management

Strategies, tools and information to help groups make decisions for managing their groups during COVID-19.

earphones.svg SHM Webinars

Leadership Strategies for Managing Hospitalists during a Crisis

April 1, 2020 Recording

Stephanie Halvorson, MD, FACP, and Chad Vokoun, MD, FHM, FACP offer practical examples for communicating with staff about shortages, balancing anxiety with caution, and managing stress in your hospital during the COVID-19 crisis. Join us for a short presentation followed by an open time of Q&A with our presenters.

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Hospital Operations during the COVID-19 Pandemic

March 26, 2020 Recording

Shai Gavi, DO, discusses hospitalist staffing, how to mitigate the risk of exposure and medication management during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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A Discussion on Staffing during the COVID-19 Pandemic

March 25, 2020 Recording

Romil Chadha, MD, and Joshua Case, MD, FACP, are panelists for a discussion on staffing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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A Hospital Medicine Playbook for COVID-19

March 20, 2020 Recording

Dr. Ruby Sahoo, Regional Performance Director at TeamHealth, shares a hospitalist playbook for responding to COVID-19, covering the most up-to-date clinical information about COVID-19 and strategies for addressing the practice structure and patient care challenges ahead.

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icons8-open-book-filled-100(1).png Other Resources

SHM's Strategies for Hospitalist Wellbeing Initiatives during COVID-19

Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB), State Licensure Requirements and Waivers: Foundation of State Medical Boards States Waiving Licensure Requirements/Renewals in Response to COVID-19

Clinical Resources

Access clinical information and protocols from government agencies and leading healthcare institutions.

icons8-open-book-filled-100(1).png General Clinical Information

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 Information for Healthcare Professionals

The CDC outlines Interim Guidance, Clinical Care, Infection Control, Home Care, Resources for Healthcare Professionals caring for COVID-19 Patients, and more. 

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World Health Organization (WHO) Coronavirus Disease 2019 Country and Technical Guidance

Includes scientific briefs and technical guides sorted by date and topic. 

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Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) and HIV Medical Association (HIVMA) Policy and Public Health Recommendations for Easing COVID-19 Distancing Restrictions

IDSA and HIVMA have developed recommendations for incremental steps to easing physical distancing measures based on testing, public health and workforce capacity.

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Dynamed: Resource Center

Evidence-based database of clinical information about COVID-19.

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The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Guide to Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Access Resources

Medscape: Medical Societies Issue Bold Statement of Physician Support

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icons8-news-208.png Clinical Protocols

University of Washington

University of Nebraska

Beth Israel Lahey Health

earphones.svg SHM Webinar

Point-of-Care Ultrasound: Useful COVID-19 Applications from Hospitalists

April 9th, 2020 Recording

Join Benji Mathews, MD, FACP, SFHM, Gordy Johnson, MD, and guests for a review of applications for POCUS in COVID-19, followed by Q&A to frontline clinicians and leaders.

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Strategies on PPE use and conservation during the pandemic.

 SHM Webinar

PPE Usage and Conservation Strategies

March 24, 2020 Recording

Joshua Case, MD, FACP, shares PPE Utilization and N95 Conservation Strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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icons8-open-book-filled-100(1).png Other Resources

ECRI, Webinar: Safe Respirator Usage when Supplies are Short (March 25, 2020 Recording)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Online Guide: Strategies for Optimizing the Supply of PPE

Critical Care/ICU

Education and resources for managing critically ill patients in the ICU.

icons8-e-learning-filled-100.png SHM Learning Portal Critical Care Modules

We know many hospitalists provide critical care services, often without adequate support or training. Several modules in SHM’s "Critical Care for the Hospitalist" series on the SHM Learning Portal may be especially relevant during the COVID-19 crisis (free open access for members and non-members):

Critical Care in COVID-19

Fluid Resuscitation in the Critically Ill

Mechanical Ventilation Part I – The Basics

Mechanical Ventilation Part II – Beyond the Basics

Mechanical Ventilation Part III – ARDS

icons8-open-book-filled-100(1).png Other Resources

Education and resources for managing critically ill patients in the ICU.

Advocate Christ Medical Center, Online PDF: Guide to COVID-19 Management in MICU (current as of March 27, 2020)

Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM), Online Guide: Critical Care for the Non-ICU Clinician


With PPE shortages and emergency flexibilities granted by CMS, telehealth is a critical tool to help manage patients during the pandemic.

earphones.svg SHM Webinar

Strategies for Using Telehealth During the COVID-19 Pandemic

March 25, 2020 Recording

Join Cate Ranheim, MD and Health Systems Operations Director Stephanie Johnson, MHA of UnityPoint Health to discuss their organization's strategies for using telehealth in hospital medicine to address COVID-19.

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icons8-open-book-filled-100(1).png Other Resources

SHM Resources

SHM FAQs on Medicare Telehealth Waivers and Policy Changes during COVID-19 Pandemic (updated April 15, 2020)

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Resources

General Provider Telehealth and Telemedicine Tool Kit (released March 23, 2020)

Medicare Telehealth Fact Sheet (released March 17, 2020)

Medicare Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions (released March 17, 2020)

icons8-user-groups-filled-100(2).png Other Specialty Society Resources

Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA): COVID-19 Resource Center

American Hospital Association (AHA): Resources on Coronavirus

American College of Physicians (ACP): COVID-19 Resource Center and Information for Internists

American Medical Association (AMA): Physician Resource Center


Note: The information in any resource collected in these pages should not be construed as medical advice, legal advice, or authoritative guidelines on specific facts and should not be considered representative of the views and/or position of SHM. These resources are not intended as a definitive statement on the subject addressed. Rather, they are intended to serve as a tool providing practical advice and references for the hospitalists who need it and other readers.

Thank You from SHM

To the entire hospital medicine care team: Thank you.

As COVID-19 continues to impact hospitals and healthcare institutions across the United States and around the world, the Society of Hospital Medicine is thinking of our members. Thank you for being on the front lines of this pandemic. We are so appreciative of your courage, your expertise and your commitment to patient care.