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Our Members

Individuals Impact, Communities Break Through.

You're a hospitalist. We're your advocate.

SHM invites you to join our family in advancing the career of hospitalists through education, research, and collaboration. Learn how SHM can advance your career. While it is important to remember where we began, SHM is focused on the future of our specialty and the healthcare industry. High-quality and high-value patient care is at the core of who we are as hospitalists. 

Message from Board President

"Hospitalists are healthcare disruptors, making big changes that are significantly defining the way healthcare is delivered through being innovative. Hospitalists are developing new models of care and leveraging technology to creatively provide person-centered care to patients who are medically and socially complex, using the power of storytelling and social media to explore the human side of medicine, advocating to address structured racism and remove unnecessary barriers to healthcare, reaching out to all corners of the globe - rural and international - to ensure access to care. As president, I am committed to supporting you as individuals, and collectively as members, so that we can work to push the boundaries in care delivery both within and beyond our borders. 

SHM members have the opportunity to connect with Dr. Flora Kisuule and other leaders in our Prez Room webinars each month to address concerns, questions, or provide feedback. 

Voices of Members


icons8-chat-100.png I'm immensely grateful to the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) for providing a platform to showcase my passion for this field and my commitment to systems change and quality improvement principles. SHM has been instrumental in shaping my career.  

Patrick Desamours, PA-C, MBA, SFHM


icons8-chat-100.png SHM provides a place for hospitalists around the world to grow as leaders and improve inefficiencies to help us and our teams move in the right direction.  

Lynell Newmarch, MD

RZ Headshot 2018.jpg

icons8-chat-100.png It is really helpful to be part of an organization that helps us as hospitalists network, organize, advocate, and get us in the direction that we need to go to continue to advance the specialty together.

Ruby Sahoo, DO, MBA, SFHM

Chapter Spotlights

Chapter Spotlight: Pee Dee
Published: June 3, 2024

COVID-19 was brutal on SHM Chapters nationwide, immediately forcing events to teleconference technology and eliminating the in-person networking and education that has become a staple of the industry’s confabs over the years. But in the Pee Dee—a section of northeast South Carolina most known for Myrtle Beach—the pandemic was even worse. The already-reeling Chapter saw membership at an all-time low and, honestly, had reached a “dead end,” according to Pee Dee Chapter President Jilian Sansbury, MD, FACP, CHSE, FHM. Find out how they turned it around. View full article in The Hospitalist

Chapter Spotlight: Kansas
Published: May 1, 2024

All SHM Chapters talk about getting early-career hospitalists more involved. The Kansas Chapter puts its money where its mouth is. Its President, Ali Rafiq, MD, FACP, first got involved in the second half of 2020, just a year out of residency and just a year or so after the chapter itself launched. His medical director, Dr. Chady Sarraf, gauged his interest in becoming a Chapter Leader and, well, he didn’t say no. View full article in The Hospitalist

Chapter Spotlight: San Diego
Published: March 1, 2024

Ali Farkhondehpour, MD, FACP, FHM, was a third-year medical student who got involved in SHM early in his career, so it likely wouldn’t surprise anyone he’s risen to President of its San Diego Chapter.
“So really far back,” he said. “Back then, I really become interested in just hospital medicine, the acuity of inpatient medicine, the breadth of knowledge it takes to care for patients…(now) by getting involved, I think it allows me to give back to the San Diego community while being at a major academic center.” View full article in
The Hospitalist

Chapter Spotlight: Maryland
Published: February 1, 2024

If there’s one struggle that all SHM Chapters know well, it’s engagement. Evelyn Gathecha, MD, FACP, FHM, tackles the issue head-on as president of the Maryland outpost.
“Engagement is always a challenge,” said Dr. Gathecha, a hospitalist with Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group in Rockville, Md. “So, we’ve tried to look for different ways to engage our members, and also hospitalists in general, to become members.” View full article in
The Hospitalist.





Special Interest Group (SIG) Spotlights

SIG Spotlight: Patient Experience
Published: June 3, 2024

Length of stay, work-relative value units, hospital-acquired infections. There is no shortage of metrics—and their accompanying acronyms—that silo, summarize, and study whether hospitalists are doing their job. But perhaps the most ephemeral—and important—of those measurements is patient experience (PX). That’s where SHM’s Patient Experience Special Interest Group steps in.
View full article in
The Hospitalist

SIG Spotlight: Hospital Medicine Fellowships
Published: May 1, 2024

Being a new kid on the block can be daunting, even in the world of SHM’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs).
Longer-standing SIGs have board protocols, event schedules, and a history to rely on when trying to do their best by their members.

And that yin-and-yang is how Joel Phelps, DO, FAAFP, views the Hospital Medicine Fellowships SIG he vice-chairs. The group started in 2021 and Dr. Phelps feels like he’s laying the groundwork for the future. View full article in
The Hospitalist

SIG Spotlight: Physician Advisors
Published: February 1, 2024

Physician advisors are responsible for a lot. Their work exists at the intersection of clinical matters and revenue. Think clinical documentation, hospital quality measures, length-of-stay management, utilization review, and the check-box difference between observation and inpatient status.
So, of course, most of them are hospitalists, given the quarterback-like role in clinical care the specialty plays. View full article in
The Hospitalist





Hospitalist Article Spotlights

Dr. Stefani Shares His Pride Month Experiences and Thoughts on LGBTQIA+ Healthcare
Published: June 11, 2024

A.J. Stefani, DO, a hospitalist at UnityPoint Clinic Central Iowa Hospitalists in Des Moines, Iowa, says his favorite part of being an SHM member is that it’s “a place for all of us hospitalists to connect over our shared passion for outstanding hospital/acute care and to dive into the hard work of improving what often feels like a broken healthcare system. The people are friendly, supportive, bright, and enthusiastic. It’s a breath of fresh air to experience that level of passion and joy in medicine when so many folks have felt the burnout of the pandemic, etc. View full article in The Hospitalist

Celebrating National Hospitalist Day 2024
Published: March 1, 2024

Many of us spend more time at work than at home, making it easy to become consumed by our jobs. When we describe ourselves, we often mention our profession first. However, we know there’s much more to life than just our work. That’s why this year’s theme for National Hospitalist Day is “Recognizing the Human in Hospitalist.” It’s about acknowledging what brings us joy and sparks our interest outside of work. View full article in The Hospitalist

Hospitalists Play a Leading Role in Responding to Mass-Casualty Incidents
Published: March 1, 2024

Mass shootings. Bioterror attacks. Natural disasters. Wars. There’s seemingly no shortage of potential mass-casualty incidents (MCIs) that can lead health care professionals, including hospitalists, into response roles. Knowing how to respond in the moment to an MCI can be overwhelming, but planning can help. Here are some ways to plan for and respond to MCIs that could affect your hospital. View full article in The Hospitalist






At SHM, our members are our mission.

From education to professional development, SHM is laser-focused on providing hospital medicine-specific opportunities, including networking, advocacy and leadership development to take your career to the next level.  Above all, joining SHM will empower you to make a positive impact on patients and the entire hospital medicine community.