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SHM Signs Statement to Prioritize Safety When Considering COVID-19 Policies

May 15, 2020

SHM, alongside numerous other medical and professional societies, have signed a statement urging state, local, and federal authorities to utilize public health expertise when developing plans to reopen the economy and lift shelter-in-place restrictions.

SHM Supports the Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act

May 15, 2020

SHM sent a letter signaling our support of the Healthcare Workforce Resiliency Act (H.R. 6788/S.3599). This legislation seeks to enhance the healthcare workforce during the COVID-19 global pandemic by recapturing 40,000 unused immigrant visas for foreign doctors (15,000) and nurses (25,000), as well as visas for their spouse and children.

SHM Joins Multi-Stakeholder Letter on COVID-19 Relief Efforts

April 15, 2020

SHM signed a multi-stakeholder letter to Congressional leaders, urging for additional policy changes to effectively combat the COVID-19 crisis. In addition to expanding access to PPE and testing, this letter addresses the need to protect the financial solvency of medical institutions, as well as the needs of individual providers.

SHM Joins Multi-Stakeholder Letter on COVID-19 Relief Efforts

April 15, 2020

SHM, alongside numerous medical and professional societies, has signed on to a letter urging additional COVID-19 relief efforts. In particular, this letter calls for relief efforts to protect the financial solvency of medical institutions.

SHM Sends Letter to Department of Homeland Security on Immigration Reform

April 14, 2020

SHM sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The letter outlines requests to reform the H-1B and the J-1 visa process to expand our medical workforce in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

SHM Sends Letter to Congressional Leaders Regarding COVID-19 Response

April 02, 2020

SHM, alongside Sound Physicians and Apogee Physicians, sent a letter to the Congressional Leadership urging additional relief efforts in light of COVID-19. The letter includes requests for adequate telehealth reimbursement rates and the expansion of the healthcare workforce via H-1B and J-1 visa reforms, among other relief requests.

SHM Sends Letter to the Administration and Congressional Leaders Regarding COVID-19 Policy Changes

April 01, 2020

SHM sent a letter to the Administration, as well as to Congressional leaders, urging them to take additional actions regarding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Included in the letter are requests for access to PPE and ventilators, access to reliable testing, and visa reform for medical professionals, among other important issues.

SHM Joins Multi-Stakeholder Letter on COVID-19 Stimulus Relief

March 25, 2020

SHM, alongside dozens of medical societies, has signed a letter urging Congress to include direct financial support for physicians. The letter calls for providing telehealth reimbursement rates equal to in-person visits, allocating direct financial assistance to practices directly treating COVID-19 patients, and granting direct financial support to physicians losing significant revenue due to suspended elective appointments and surgeries.

The power of a letter.

Part of the Society of Hospital Medicine's advocacy efforts is providing feedback and expertise on legislation and regulations that affect hospital medicine and the healthcare system. SHM regularly sends letters to Congressional leaders and regulatory agencies.