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SHM's Letters to Policymakers

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SHM Supports Conrad State 30 Reauthorization, Which Would Extend Access to Physicians in Underserved Areas

June 10, 2019

The Conrad State 30 and Physician Access Reauthorization Act (S.948, H.R.2895 ) would allow underserved communities to continue to recruit both primary care and specialty physicians after they complete their J-1 Visa medical residency training.

SHM Joins Multi-Stakeholder Letter on MACRA to Congress

June 03, 2019

SHM signed onto a multi-stakeholder letter urging Congress to improve MACRA. Included in the letter is a call to implement positive payment adjustments for physicians and to extend APM bonus payments for six years

SHM Supports the Mainstreaming Addiction Treatment Act

May 23, 2019

The Mainstreaming Addiction Treatment Act (H.R. 2482) will increase access to buprenorphine, a lifesaving addiction treatment, by eliminating the "X Waiver" DEA certificate and the provider-patient cap. This legislation will help reduce stigma associated with treatment and will remove barriers to the use of buprenorphine for treating opioid use disorder.

SHM Signs Coalition Letter Urging the House to Include Observation Reform in Surprise Billing Legislation

May 21, 2019

As the House Ways and Means Health Subcommittee considers legislation to curb surprise billing, the National Observation Stays Coalition, which includes medical associations and patient advocacy groups, encouraged the committee to include observation reform within their surprise billing legislation.

SHM Joins Multi-Stakeholder Letter on Surprise Billing to Senate Working Group

May 14, 2019

SHM, along with several other medical societies, sent a letter to the US Senate Bipartisan Working Group on Transparency regarding surprise billing proposals and potential unintended consequences that will negatively impact patient care.

SHM Submits Comments on MACRA to the Senate Committee on Finance

May 08, 2019

SHM submitted comments to the Senate Committee on Finance's official record following the hearing "Medicare Physician Payment Reform After Two Years: Examining MACRA Implementation and the Road Ahead." We commented on barriers to APM participation, as well as measurements and exclusions under the MIPS.

SHM Submits Comments to Senate HELP Committee on Healthcare Costs

March 01, 2019

SHM submits comments to the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) committee in response to their request for stakeholder suggestions to lower the overall cost of healthcare. Our suggestions to reduce costs include reforming observation, increasing APM pathways, and improving quality measures.

SHM Joins Multi-Stakeholder Letter on Surprise Billing to House Ways and Means Committee

February 07, 2019

SHM signs onto multi-stakeholder letter to the House Ways and Means Committee on policies to address surprise billing and unexpected out-of-pocket costs impacting patients around the country.

Hospital-Based Specialties Send Letter to CMS on Promoting Interoperability Exemption

January 30, 2019

SHM, joined by IDSA, ACEP, EDPMA, and ASA, sends letter to CMS on issues with the hospital-based exemption from the Promoting Interoperability category of the MIPS.

SHM Comments on Draft Hospital-Wide Readmission Measure for MIPS

January 04, 2019

SHM sends comments on the retooled specifications for the hospital-wide readmission measure as an outcome measure in the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).

SHM Joins Multi-Stakeholder Letter to CMS on the Open Payments Program

December 03, 2018

SHM signs onto multi-stakeholder letter to CMS about the educational reporting requirements in the Open Payments Program.

SHM Submits Comments on Hospital Harm Measures

October 30, 2018

SHM sends comments to CMS on the Severe Hyperglycemia and Medication-Related Bleeding Hospital Harm Measures.

SHM Sends Letter to AMA on Facility E&M Codes

October 12, 2018

SHM, joined by IDSA and AMDA, sends letter to the American Medical Association (AMA) encouraging work on refining facility-based Evaluation & Management (E&M) billing codes.

Comments on the 2019 Outpatient Prospective Payment System

September 24, 2018

SHM submits comments on the HCAHPS survey pain communication questions in the 2019 Outpatient Prospective Payment System Rule.

SHM Signs Onto Letter in Support of AHRQ Funding

September 07, 2018

Along with other organizations, SHM signs onto support letter to House and Senate requesting AHRQ funding be maintained.

Comments on the 2019 Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Rule

September 10, 2018

SHM submits comments on proposals in the 2019 Physician Fee Schedule and Quality Payment Program Proposed Rule.

SHM Signs onto Multi-Stakeholder Letter to CMS

August 27, 2018

Along with other organizations, SHM signed onto a letter to CMS addressing proposed changes to E&M documentation.

SHM Submits Comments to House Healthcare Innovation Caucus

August 01, 2018

SHM responded to the House Healthcare Innovation Caucus' request for information regarding innovative policy ideas.

SHM Comments on the FY 2019 Inpatient Prospective Payment System Proposed Rule

June 25, 2018

SHM provides comments on proposals for changes to inpatient admission orders documentation requirements and hospital-level performance measures.

SHM Supports Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act

June 06, 2018

The Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act (H.R. 392/S.281) replaces the current per-country caps on immigration with a first-come first-served visa system. This legislation will ensure that highly-skilled medical professionals and their families will not be turned away from working in the United States based on per-country limitations.

SHM Submits a Letter of Support for Opioid Legislation

May 21, 2018

SHM sent a support letter to Reps. Blumenauer and Mullin for their legislation, the Overdose Prevention and Patient Safety Act.

SHM Publishes Policy Statement Addressing the Opioid Epidemic

May 10, 2018

SHM urges Congress to take action to address the opioid crisis facing the United States.

SHM Signs Onto Multi-Stakeholder Letter to CMS Regarding MIPS Reporting

April 16, 2018

Along with other organizations, SHM signed onto a letter urging CMS to reduce the reporting period for MIPS reporting.

SHM Sends Letter to House Ways and Means Committee on Opioids

March 15, 2018

SHM submitted comments to the Ways and Means Committee and subcommittee on health regarding the opioid epidemic.

SHM Signs onto Multi-Stakeholder Letter Regarding PAHPA

February 06, 2018

Along with other organizations, SHM signs onto a letter requesting incentives for new antimicrobial research within the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act (PAHPA).

Comments on Draft Hospital Harm Measures

February 16, 2018

SHM provides feedback to CMS on new hospital harm measures under development, including acute kidney injury, pressure ulcers, and opioid adverse events.

SHM Provides Feedback to Senate Finance Committee on Opioid Policies

February 16, 2018

SHM responds to the Senate Finance Committee request for feedback on policies to address the opioid epidemic.

The power of a letter.

Part of the Society of Hospital Medicine's advocacy efforts is providing feedback and expertise on legislation and regulations that affect hospital medicine and the healthcare system. SHM regularly sends letters to Congressional leaders and regulatory agencies.