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SHM's MARQUIS Med Rec Collaborative

View recording for SHM's MARQUIS Med Rec Collaborative Webinar

View expert Jeff Schnipper's, MD, MPH, FHM webinar on how SHM’s MARQUIS Med Rec Collaborative can reduce medication discrepancies at your hospital.


Hospitals across the U.S. are reducing unintentional medication discrepancies that lead to adverse drug events and patient harm through SHM’s MARQUIS Med Rec Collaborative. Participating hospitals identify med rec process gaps, develop and implement better ways for medications to be prescribed, documented and recorded, and measure improvement over time.

About SHM’s MARQUIS Med Rec Collaborative:

  • The program is 14-months, from pre-launch to completion.
  • Participating hospitals are connected with prior MARQUIS Med Rec Collaborative staff from 23 sites, serving thousands of patients, for expertise and experience.
  • Participating hospitals are provided with training materials, project management and process improvement tools.
  • The MARQUIS Collaborative utilizes "unintentional medication discrepancies per patient" as the main measurement collected for your quality improvement purposes, which is endorsed by the National Quality Forum (NQF) and is the official Leapfrog measure for medication reconciliation.
  • There is a program fee of $4,700.
  • Open to adult hospitals only.

Program Timeline

The MARQUIS Collaborative is a 14-month program. The first two months are allocated to an introductory phase to help you get acquainted and up and running with the program followed by a 12-month Collaborative Program.

Pre-launch (Months 1-2)

  • Getting Organized (Months 1-2):
    • Identify key stakeholders
    • Identify an executive sponsor and obtain institutional support
    • Identify at least one clinical champion
    • Assess the local environment
    • Develop a business case for your organization

Launch Collaborative (Months 3-8)

  • Assembling a Team & Site Assessment (Months 3-5):
    • Launch Webinar – Intro to MARQUIS
    • Q1 Quarterly Collaborative Call (a month after launch)
    • In depth process mapping & barrier assessment of your institution’s environment
    • Pharmacist Training on measuring medication discrepancies
  • Developing a Strategy for Intervention (Months 6-8):
    • Q2 Quarterly Collaborative Call
    • Baseline Data Collection
    • Turn general goals into specific goals
    • Plan for phased implementation

Launch Collaborative (Months 9-14)

  • Standard Intervention Rollout (Months 9-11):
    • Q3 Quarterly Collaborative Call
    • Roll out interventions
    • Collect Data
    • Revisit implementation plan; use PDSA cycles to refine interventions
    • Begin to spread interventions
  • Intense Intervention Rollout and Sustainability (Months 12-14):
    • Q4 Quarterly Collaborative Call
    • Continue to collect data and implement interventions
    • Use PDSA cycles to continue to refine interventions
    • Continue data collection
    • Continue to spread interventions
    • Develop sustainability plan to be executed after month 12

Program Components

Many online tools and resources will be available to support the MARQUIS Med Rec Collaborative Program including, but not limited to:

  • Access to Quality Improvement and Medication Reconciliation expertise
  • Monthly Office Hours to provide guidance to sites as they organize, drive and implement their Medication Reconciliation QI Projects
  • Support with starting a quality improvement (QI project) to improve medication reconciliation processes
    • Project Timeline and Milestones
    • Suite of interventions
    • Regular check-ins and guidance
  • Program begins with Kick-off Webinar
  • Provided with Data Collection Tool, modified from the Leapfrog tool
  • Data Collection Training
    • Data Pharmacist Training on medication reconciliation and the gold standard medication history
    • Data Pharmacist Training on identifying medication discrepancies and tracking
    • Sites submit data on 10 patients per month to the Society of Hospital Medicine
  • Quarterly Webinars on key topics on how to improve medication reconciliation
    • Overcoming Barriers to Implementation
    • How to Take a Best Possible Medication History
    • Discharge Counseling
    • Sustainability & Spread


The Med Rec Collaborative is open to adult hospitals only. The program has a fee of $4,700.

Applications for the MARQUIS Med Rec Collaborative are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Please submit your application for earliest review and feedback.

For Reference: Once you begin the application, there is not a way to save and go back to finish. To help you gather the information necessary to complete the MARQUIS Med Rec Collaborative application, please download the PDF version to help you prepare.

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