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Stories from the Front Lines

Stories from the Front Lines

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Do you have a compelling story to share about being on the front lines during the current pandemic? Do you know a hospital medicine professional who has gone above and beyond in this turbulent time?

Maybe it is a hospitalist who stepped up and demonstrated extraordinary leadership or who developed a special bond with a patient. Maybe it is a hospital medicine group leader or practice administrator who advocated tirelessly for PPE or additional support for hospitalists caring for COVID-19 patients. Maybe that person is you.

Fill out the form below to share the details of this extraordinary individual and how he or she has demonstrated the essential contributions of hospital medicine professionals during this pandemic. We might choose feature your story in The Hospitalist, SHM’s monthly newsmagazine, share it on SHM’s social media channels, invite you to write a blog post on SHM’s official blog, The Hospital Leader or consider you for another form of recognition within SHM.