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Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Physician Assistants (PAs)

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Onboarding Clinical Ramp-Up Case Studies for NP/PAs

These case studies represent common practices and key considerations for Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant (NP/PA) onboarding and orientation programs. 

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NP/PA Hospital Medicine Onboarding Toolkit

SHM's Nurse Practitioner & Physician Assistant Hospital Medicine Onboarding Toolkit is an essential resource designed to help NPs and PAs navigate starting a new job in hospital medicine.

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Statement On NP/PA Practice Integration & Optimization

SHM's Statement on Hospital Medicine NP & PA Practice Integration & Optimization outlines and acknowledges that an integrated care model is most effective when all members of the team are working at the top of their license. This allows them to incorporate their skills and training to deliver exceptional care and help reduce the overall cost of care.

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